Monday, September 21, 2009

What to do?

What are we to do? That is the fundamental question.

Is it time to say that all peaceful means have been tried?
If we continue the "legal" attempts to enforce the constitution will we slowly bleed to death in the mean time?

Sadly I believe that the answers are no and yes. The 2010 elections will be our last chance and that may be too late. If it is not too late we cannot just elect people and walk away.

We must DEMAND:

1. Full, thorough and public trials for all suspects in this conspiracy.
2.Define the exact meaning of "natural born citizen" and the means by which said status will be verified; amendment to the constitution.
3. Term limits; amendment to the constitution.
4. No lobbying by former members of the government ever; amendment to the constitution.
5. Remove all pensions, benefits and medical care for former members of government at all levels as related to the holder of or the support staff for a specific office; amendment to the constitution.
6. Declare George Soros and all of his operations "enemies of the state" and forbid him on US soil or to be involved in any dealings involving the US government or businesses. Under penalty of death.
7. Dissolve all ties with the UN, formally unrecognize their authority in any matter and remove them totally from US soil.

There is more but that would be a good start. In short we must remove the idea of a "lifetime" politician and remove their ability to continue to live off us forever. They need to do their duty and then go home and get a real job.

In addition we need to remove from our government any official doctrine that acknowledges the idea of or the need for a "global government".

In general we also need to make it easier to impeach, discipline and/or remove judges at all levels of government but at the federal level in particular.

What to do?

We are not organized enough to do anything but the "legal" path right now. Anarchy will do no good yet we cannot allow this fraud to continue.

There is no road map for the times we are in. What to do?

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