Thursday, November 5, 2009


Marxism, Socialism, Collectivism on and on.... They all are an unenlightened return to tribalism. The so called leftist thinkers are merely unable to overcome our genetic roots with their rational mind.
The idea of an individual being the foundation of a society or system is the more modern and I will argue the enlightened position. It is also the harder one to keep from collapsing into anarchy.
The level of responsibility that is placed on each person in the enlightened society is more than a base, lazy or dim citizen can handle. Crooks, demagogues and just downright evil people see those weaknesses and exploit them.
They appeal to the base, lazy and dim at each ones vulnerable point. The leaders and the followers have no stomach for the hard work of an enlightened individual in a society of equals.
I call all of the variants of collectivism neotribalism.

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