Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can we stop the bleeding?

I am reminded of the most basic first aid axiom: stop the bleeding, start the breathing then treat for shock. We have now barely, just barely, the chance to stop the bleeding.

Will we have what it takes to stop the bleeding? If the new congress is resolute in its pursuit of the truth about who Barry Soetoro is and how he came to sit in the oval office we may.

None of the policy issues (or repealing anything) will matter if a usurper remains in the people’s house. Repealing any “law” (they are not law since they were signed by a usurper) or stopping his efforts will be made superfluous if the poser-in-chief’s true history is made public. The depth and breath of this crime is staggering and we all must not rest until the truth is known. I don’t care if careers (read Rush Limbaugh or all of the other supposed patriots) are ruined or what the mooching class does. I personally will participate in the razing of this country rather than compromise on the issue of eligibility and election fraud!

If we do not see this through this country will cease to exist anyway. The fraud will continue and our enemies will be even more brazen and brutal. As a matter of fact I am sure that it is already happening. Exhibit A: Harry Reid’s “reelection”, that election was stolen in broad daylight. If we want more of the same all we need to do is compromise with evil.

There is no other path; we must stop the bleeding then we can start the breathing.
If it takes 20 years we must get the truth out so that we write an accurate history of this time to serve as a warning to future generations.

That warning: Be ever vigilant, freedom is not free and there are always people willing to steal it from you.

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