Thursday, March 4, 2010

At Wits End?

We are three generations into creating people with a complete lack of understanding about anything other than how they feel. No honor, no historical perspective, no thankfulness or appreciation of the rare freedom and abundance they enjoy and how fragile the arrangement is that allows it, no sense of anything bigger than themselves and on and on…

In an early speech the usurper said, "It is time to put away our petty differences and work together".

Petty differences like collectivism vs. capitalism or the difference between liberty and the phantom of government provided security.

Oh yes he did mention sacrifice as well in that speech. Personally I have been working since age 12, on my own since 17, served 4 years in the Corps, received an honorable discharge, and have worked for everything I have for the last 30 years! He's the Ivy League man-child with no resume. He can finally sacrifice! But we all know that he and his blame America first elite commie buddies live like kings while he talks about our sacrifice. Give me a break!

When times are good we working people still sacrifice. Taxes, taxes, taxes and it is never enough. When does the government sacrifice? How can they it's not their money to begin with! When times are tough they just call for more blood from the turnip. The bloodletting has dehydrated the turnip and now its time to sacrifice? It’s like dealing with a child.

So who shares in the sacrifice? People who do not pay taxes anyway? How does that work? The poor government employees who for the most part get paid more for doing less than their civilian counterparts?

Nothing is ever good enough for narcissists like him. The people of the United States are the most generous and caring people in history. We give more aid around the world and at home in real dollars than any government including our own! That does not include the hundreds of thousands of man hours donated and travel expenses. But all the man-child sees is avarice and greed, of course his motives are pure.

America was a place of hope before the man-child slithered into office. People chose not to view it that way for various selfish reasons. The challenge will be saving what little hope we have of surviving this mammoth collectivist swing.

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